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The Outnet is net-a-porter’s sale website- everything that doesn’t sell, is then put on the Outnet at a huge discount. This just in is a DKNY watch is 70% off  for just 65 pounds which is around 115 australian dollars.



Working Out?

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Just when you thought you had the ultimate outfit for the gym, Stella McCartney brings out tracksuit pants that would make the trainers jealous. Available from net-a-porter gold studded tracksuit pants.

You Know You Want It.

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Sorry, I haven’t posted for a few days. This book “You know you want it”

Is by Eric Daman the costume designer for Gossip Girl and therefore one of my fashion idols. Daman was also the assistant costume designer on Sex and the City. My copy of this book just arrived in the mail today. I ordered it after i saw the launch party on Season 2 of the City- which you also must watch.

To buy your copy online go to Angus & Robertson.

Lanvin Resort 2011

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This photoshoot threw me at first. It appeared that they were cutting costs by using a mannequin but it turns out it was just the makeup used. This one was my favourite though but overall a very good performance.

Mimco Sale

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The prices are ridiculously cheap- but you have to get in super quick becuase the stock is flying off the shelf.

This bag $199 reduced from $499

Oscar De La Renta

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Erin Featherston Resort 2011

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Such a beautiful collection. These two were the standout for me!

This Friday

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Kate Stein Launch Party- Let’s all together and support this local designer.

Check out all the details on the facebook page.


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Lady Gaga just officially carved her name into fashion history, if there was any doubt- there isn’t any more. She is there to stay. This ruling has come after she made a second Hermes Birkin Bag “unique.”

To me, there is nothing that matches or that triumphs an Hermes bag. Victoria Beckham has more than she can carry but at least she knows not to medal with perfection. I considered Lady G to be a fashion icon like no other, to be different and actually pull it off. So after she wrote on the white birkin with permanent marker, i thought it was murder but i also thought it was kinda cool. BUT to destroy a second one, I am struggling to come to terms. Has she ruined her relationship with Hermes forever? Was this just a publicity stunt? Or will Hermes support this and give her more handcrafted bags to treat like a toy- all publicity is good publicity, right?

See for yourself at Grazia.com

Marc Jacobs- Elsa bag

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At first i found the Chloe Elsie bag, but now I have found the Marc Jacobs- Elsa bag. Of course, I was hoping for an Hermes to be named after me like the Kelly or the Birkin. But beggers can’t be chooses. This bag isn’t quite what I was hoping for… but at least it’s red!

Available from the Outnet for 1500AU, which is half price. At least I’m not cheap!

Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival

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Brisbane Fashion week is fast approaching. The week runs from 7th to the 13th of August. So lets get behind Brisbane designers and retailers and buy your tickets now! available from Qtix. Head to the website to check out the program.