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RAW Artists

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RAW: natural born artists is currently in over 65 countries in the US and has recently come to Brisbane. So to give you a bit of an idea of what it is all about have a look at the video from their website.



The next showcase in Brisbane is this Wednesday night (26th of September) at Oh Hello, 621 Ann St, Fortitude Valley. Kicking off at 7.30pm.
To buy tickets ($15 each, which is the same as cover charge at Oh Hello) head to http://www.rawartists.org/brisbane/ensemble/?artist=69621 and select an artist that you like and you can buy tickets per artist.
This initiative is a great way to support local artists as well as encourage Brisbane to become a cultural city.


Hope to see you there!


For Him: Fall & Rise……

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Made famous by Astaire, Sinatra & Martin then spoiled by the likes of Hefner & Bieber, without a doubt The Velvet Smoker Jacket has had a tumultuous career.

However, LV, Gucci, Valentino & Alexander McQueen have come as a saving grace for this classic, allowing it to return to former glory.

 These fashion juggernauts are all opting for a slimmer, tailored jacket, coupled with minimalist colours that ooze style.

Not yet up to wearing a full blown velvet jacket? You can choose options that offer a discreet flash of velvet on the lapel, pockets or piping.

One thing’s for sure, with jackets like these – smoking has never looked so good.

For an array of Velvet Creations – http://www.mrporter.com/


– William Codey

For Him: Walk a mile……

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With temperatures rising and many of us men switching from uggboots to moccasins, Bobbies Paris offers an eccentric take on this classic footwear.

With an injection of Parisian flavour, Bobbies delivers a range of multi-coloured, finely cut shoe that succeeds in combining style with a laid-back feel.

Good news for us, this quintessential French brand takes orders online and delivers to Australia.

P.S Ladies, Bobbies is now offering a collection of ballet flats for woman in an array of colours

Be sure to check out their website which is a visually appealing experience in itself



– William Codey

For Him: For a rainy day…

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For many years Burberry was placed on a shelf, collecting dust and falling wayside to its adaptive competitors.

However, this iconic British Brand has recently re-appointed itself as a new age, pioneering global fashion house.

Christopher Bailey, Creative Director of Burberry is at the helm of this transformation, pushing boundaries in regards to the companies fashion, customer service and social media footprint.

Most notably, the mix between tradition and innovation has attributed to Burberry’s success which is epitomised in its newly introduced Walking Umbrellas. These handcrafted pieces are complemented by distinctive “animal handles” including Ram, Duck, Hound and Owl Heads.

Happy Hunting.


By our new guest blogger

– William Codey