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My name is Elsa Picone and I am study a Bachelor of Business and Creative Industries at QUT. This blog is really just a collection of all my favourite things- a way to keep a journal of everything that tickles my fancy at the time. I aim to include what is coming down the runways, where and what you can buy online and fashion orientated events in Brisbane. I prefer pictures to words, so I tend to keep the words to a minimum.


Contact: elsa.p@live.com.au

  1. YAY Elsa im so very happy for you! Keep up to amazing collections. x

  2. Elsa darling, the blog is coming along very nicely! Keep up the great work sweetie. xx

  3. Hi Elsa – Love your blog! Would you be happy for me to link to it from my website, http://www.brisbanefrockexchange.com ?

  4. The Art of Sin: Enter the infinite World of Creativity

    Prepare to enter the infinite world of creativity.

    Showcasing some of Brisbane’s best artists; including fashion designers: Daniel Alexander Couture, Cyan Reign and Freesh. And introducing a new generation of artist in their principle mediums: fashion, photography and dance.

    The event will benefit Youngcare, as it aims to raise awareness and funds for the charity.

    Date: 30 April 2010
    Location: Brisbane Marriot Hotel

    Contact: events.365degrees@hotmail.com for more information

  5. Hi Elsa,

    I love your blog! Very clever!


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